About Us and Contact

   Urban Vision AB is an architectURAL studio founded in 1993 and BASED IN MALMÖ IN THE SOUTH OF SWEDEN. THE OFFICE has many years of experience of developing specific commissions for PRIVATE AND PUBLIC clients as well as developing independent concepts, in particular with a focus on sustainability.

As well as a number of BUILT projects, the firm has also been awarded a number of distinguished prizes in Sweden and internationally, the latest ones are
'Skåne Solar Award 2011'  and
'Skåne Solar Award 2012' for best housE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT in the South of Sweden driven by solar power.

Ph:  +46 (0)40 301775

E:    zoltan@urban-vision.se

W:   www.urban-vision.se

P:    Urban Vision AB
       Backåkersvägen 14
       S-21764 Malmö